Logo Designs

A collection of a variety of logos that I concepted and designed.

  • Type Logo Design, Illustration, Graphic Design

This is my personal brand logo, and the D'A are the first three characters of my name. The beginning of my name is the most important part of my name I feel, and it's also the most misspelled. I designed the logo thinking that it would be good to emphasize these characters constantly, and I figured giving it this sort of icon look that can be placed just about anywhere would be a good way to achieve that.

The Savannah Blazers is a fictional team that I created as if the Portland Trailblazers were to move to the city of Savannah Georgia. The symbols on the logo represent the very famous paddle boats that travel the Savannah River everyday, and are a big tourist attraction for the city. I felt the symbol would be a great representation for the city.

The city of Lumen is a fictional city that I created as a class assignment. The concept of the city is a simple one, it's a city of color. I wanted the design of the logo to be color, simple, and geometric to allow it to look similar to the shape of a building, and it could also be looked at as a window with four panels.

This was a collaboration project that myself and a friend by the name of Kyle Jamerson worked on as a personal assignment. A group of Recording Arts students needed a logo designed for their company as a class project, and asked us to put our heads together to see what we could come up with. This was the final result.